My Love for You Burns…

Roses, the flower of love.

My Love for You Burns like the Heat from a Thousand Suns; you are the wind beneath my wings; if you were a burrito I’d call you a bae-rito.

Well anyways, this picture of roses carries a lot of meaning but the flower itself represents and is the symbol for love. Whenever I get a bundle of roses from someone, of course I just feel warm and fuzzy just like how the depict in commercials and movies on what to get your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. I don’t know why I feel such a way whenever I receive roses, it’s not like I was told I’m supposed to feel this way. But even looking at this picture, not even physically holding a bundle of roses, I still smile and start thinking of happy thoughts. I imagine holding the giant flower in my hand and smelling the natural fragrance that freshens the air I breathe.

I feel like this rose shows the beauty of love, but every rose has its thorns. Today I experienced two of my good friends who had undergone heart break and I would never expect that to happen to them. I guess you’ll never know who would be the next victim to fall short of the thorns and to experience heartbreak.

That is what this picture of roses symbolizes.

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