Photo of Strength: You are beautiful no matter what anyone else says…

Location: Crystal Cove Beach | Model: Bri Lien

My friend (won’t say who) is an aspiring Instagram model that told me about one of her horrible modeling experiences. Long story short, the agent invited her to a modeling gig but when she arrived, that agent said that it was a “mistake” – he thought she was a different model.

I never told her this (because I thought it would make me seem like a wierdo) but I commend her for retaining her composure and not screaming at the guy’s face. I look at the situation like this…

It’s very insulting to see a person that does not value another individual’s time. Those hours driving up to LA and waiting for a potential-but-ended-up-not-happening gig are precious hours that could have been spent talking to other agents and getting a jumpstart in a career. I get it that designers/agents think of their models as mantels for their art pieces, but these are humans with feelings.

Let me know if I’m wrong, but the modeling industry places crazy-strict beauty standards on women and men that make it so hard for these women and men to accept who they are and the flaws that they have. Who tf sets up these standards anyways?

Did someone research and find that the girls in a certain height range sell more clothes than girls who are say, 5’0 like me? What about guys who are shorter than 5’6?

Did someone take a poll and find that boys and girls who are plus size / curvy aren’t as sexy as boys and girls who are petite/ skinny?

Who is supposed to be there to judge and to define beauty?



I’m not here to bash the entire fashion industry of course, but mistreatment of models in order to sell a product is not the way to go.

Please give me your comments below, but what changes (if any) would you recommend the modeling industry should have? Do you think those changes are obtainable?



9 thoughts on “Photo of Strength: You are beautiful no matter what anyone else says…

  1. Its so true. If we look past the modeling industry, we’re all guilty of judging ourselves. I dont think we’ll ever be able to take away these standards from other people without taking away that negative outlook on our own bodies. But then again, media shaped us to think this way. Chicken or the egg much? Lol
    Its so hard to change perspective. Take racism for example. Its been around for way too long and even though its been the best its ever been, there are still people who are just as racist as the people who made this a problem in the past. It’s going to be a long battle with both racism and the way “perfection” is perceived but since it has to start from somewhere, awareness would be the first step. Second step would be to do all you can to change that perspective. Third to help encourage other people to do the second step. Insecurities and pride will b the end of us lol

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    • I appreciate your perspective so much! It is an issue that we need to keep working on. Like racism, we need to be more open minded and surround ourselves with different people. I agree, insecurities and pride mixed together is a big no-no! Thank you for your comment, very insightful!


  2. I think we are all judgmental, it’s part of being a human. What we can control however, is what comes out of our mouth and I think the world would be a lot better place if we were better at controlling that. Easier said than done though 🙂

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    • I definitely agree. As cliche as it sounds, I do believe that actions speak louder than words. As long as we try and hold back any negativity and try our best to support each other, I feel like that’s the best we can do to avoid conflict. Yes, easier said than done 😀

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