Miller Mayhem Event Planning

Hi friends!

Most of you are probably think to yourselves, “wow Dana, that’s an interesting name for a page!” And I say – yes it is, but it’s also relevant!

If you know me at all, you would know that I love organizing, planning, and putting together big events for my friend’s birthdays, get-togethers, travel adventures, etc.

I also keep track of the trendy food and drink places in SoCal, sometimes even NorCal and other states (I mostly enjoy finding the lowkey dives too, as you can see in my travel vlog of San Francisco linked below)!

Sometimes it’s stressful to make plans on where to go, what to do, and what to eat/drink in an area; I’m here to help take away the stress from planning events/ adventures so you can just show up and not have to worry about prepping.

This will be a small business I’d like to start off doing with friends and friends-of-friends and hopefully later down the line, I can make it a bigger business after I graduate.

I’m super excited! I have a lot of friends in the food, photo, and fashion industry who I would love to work with – and hopefully this will be a fun project for all of us and our community.

If you are in need of an event planner within the next month, visit my contact page and shoot me a message 🙂

Thank you ❤

Places in SF You Have to Visit!


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