Newly Inspired Traveler

You probably were confused reading the  title of this entry and wondered

“What is ‘newly inspired’?

“Is there a grammatical error?”

LOL it probably is a grammatical error and it’s probably a made-up phrase, but let me explain to you my definition of what a ‘newly inspired traveler’ is.

I always wanted to travel, but there have been a lot of things that hindered me from traveling thoughout the years (money, school, parents, etc.) but I have found that there is no better time to travel than right now.

The friends that I have made in college tell me so many stories about the places they have traveled, and I gawk and get all excited when they show me pictures of the crazy places they have gone to.

But no one has truly inspired me to travel more than my roommate, Diana. She is an international student from Mexico City, and she showed me her bucket list of places she wanted to travel (pictured below). When she talks about the beautiful ambiance and culture of her city, and the difference in politics between the US and Mexico, it makes me want to travel 6 hours to visit her🙈

So if anyone plans on going to Mexico City anytime soon, here are some amazing places Diana and I researched to go to☺️