Hi, How Ya Doin :)

Hi, How Ya Doin:)

It’s been a while but I hope you’re doing well. There have been a lot of things happening on my end just the past year; a lot of growth but also some losses.

Throughout this journey of adulthood, I realized that no matter how much you love someone they have the choice to leave your side- and there won’t be anything you can do about it except to accept the way things are and carry on. All you have is yourself.

I’ve been experiencing that a lot with the friendships I made this past year- and let me tell you first Boys are Stupid! Gosh, you really can’t keep a genuine friendship with someone without them getting butt hurt that you don’t want any relationship. I’m not complaining, but ya know #firstworldproblems.

Anyways before I start ranting, my point in coming back onto this blog was to really emphasize the importance of self love. I feel like I tried to implement self love last year but it turned into a mess because apparently boys wanted me to feel guilty about doing my own thing (sorry, promise last time ranting).

Alas, I’m going to recreate 2019 and make it the year to re-establish not only myself, but to help other people really find who they are as an individual – not who they are with their friends, not who they are with their family, not who they are with their significant other.

Who are you?

Are you comfortable looking in the mirror at your stripped down, most vulnerable self?

I’m in the process of writing a book about the definition of love, and it’s not the facade that media has painted and has made us fixated on a very superficial meaning of love. If you’re interested (my small amount of followers that I love so much LOL), please message me to be part of the book – it’ll be just a couple interview questions that I think are important to discuss.

Well good night – I’m signing off and hopefully I’ll be back on again soon with another life update 🙂

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First Day at SDSU

So my first day at SDSU, to say the least, left me sleepless LOL

Idk why but I just couldn’t fathom that I was still at this school, it feels so unreal. My roommates (so far) are the sweetest and we all have similar habits. We like wake up and gym at the same time, but they’re quiet (which is nice).

The campus is gorgeous! I live in the farthest apartments and the walk to campus is a trek, but the amazing view makes the walk almost tolerable.

I’m still trying to figure out about the whole sorority thing, and so far I talked about joining one of the sororities with my roommate, but no commitments yet!

Ugh college is cool and I guess I’m excited for when class actually start!


Mothers, Daughters, and Sisters Unite as Women

Amazing Group of Women!
Amazing Group of Women!

A couple week ago, I was given the opportunity to photograph a Bodypump session at this Nike Event.

Why was this event an opportunity?

To be honest, when I got the call that I could be the photographer for the event, I was so excited because I wanted to meet new people and to get more material for my blog LOL. However, it became so much more than that when I started to get to know the girls better.

As women it’s important that we empower each other, to always support one another when any of us fall, and to push through whatever bull crap haters give us. Nowadays there is so much competition amongst women based on menial things such as beauty, wealth, popularity, etc. We have forgotten that connection that relates mother to daughter, mother to wife, and mother to sister. None of us were born without a mother, which makes women so fricken awesome!

Anyways, this Nike Event introduced me to a group of women who not only supported each other but also tested each other in order to reach full potential. Kisha, who is an instructor I have had the privilege to work with, is always so full of energy and spirit! Watching her bring a group of women together who have never met each other before and help them form a bond is truly amazing. She keeps girls motivated to actually want to do something as crazy as “working out” and “getting fit!” She has inspired me to try and help young girls by encouraging them to not take themselves for granted and truly love who they are.

“You are pretty and you are worth it!”

There are many ways that women and girls can come together and connect (Kisha’s was just one that I thought was really fun!). Comment down below and tell me what you would do to get women and girls to network and support each other 🙂

Thanks you!

Bree: The Namaste Master


I’ve known Bree since the dark days, pre-pubescent years of middle school! She has always been light-hearted and charismatic, so it’s no surprise that she is getting into vlogging. Here are some highlights from my interview with her 🙂


Q: What made you want to get into vlogging?

A: I want to say it’s because I always wanted to vlog but I never really had a reason or never really important to document. I noticed that after I graduated high school and got into college, I realized how much I hated it because I didn’t have the passion for it.  It was first and second semester then intercession that really triggered and drained the life out of me. I started getting really lazy and then I was trying to find something to do with my life. I decided to take a gap year and vlog. My parents think it’s just a gap year, but no, there’s no way that I’m going back to college LOL

Q: Has vlogging changed any pre-conceptions that you have on vloggers and have you learned anything based on your experience?

A: Vloggers and people who are creating content have to have a lot of motivation for what they’re doing. You’re not doing it to gain anything really, but to just do what you love. That is what I want to do. I actually got annoyed at people when they asked me “Why are you becoming a vlogger?” and at the time I wasn’t, but I guess now I am 😀

Q: There are so many Youtubers who do dumb stuff just to get more views. With your Youtube channel, what are you trying to achieve?

A: My youtube is really just whatever I want to document, what I want to remember and look back at. The most important thing in life is to inspire and motivate others. I was just inspired and I want to live to inspire.

Q: Now that you have more people knowing about your personal life with video, is there anything that you regret doing?

A: No! I’m very open but at the same time I’m not. When I want to share something I do, and when I don’t then I won’t. I actually never thought of it as sharing my personal life, it’s like Snapchatting with your friends.

Not only is the badass-B vlogging, she is also learning how to become a yoga instructor!

Q: Is there anything in your life that influenced you to become a yoga instructor?

A: My yoga experience is definitely interesting, not necessarily very unique, but it’s very interesting in the way that I stumbled upon it. I was just looking for another way to work out. I did dance and at the time I wanted to be a dancer and I had to be fit: How much muscle do I have to gain in order to hold that pose or hit that move? There were just many things I did to try and work out. I tried Yoga Sculpt 3 or 4 years ago, and then I stopped. I remember at the time, someone told me I could work there for an hour and a half a week and get a free membership. So I was like, “Perfect!”                      I started training this year LOL (I know, three years later). When I started the SAT (yoga exam) I took a teacher-training program.

I took the Yoga Core class when I started and I didn’t realize how hard it was. I kinda took the class as a way to understand and find myself. Then I took the class again last month, and it was honesty the best decision because I would learn a couple new ways to love myself. #1 You have to be healthy. #2 Yoga will help your body. There’s this breathing technique that my friend showed me that is so beautiful, and it shows that yoga is a form of art. Whether you think of it as an art or fitness, yoga has strengthened my mentality and has became a form of expression. This inspires me to do yoga.


Q: Whenever I go to a yoga class the instructors talk about all that namaste and inner peace mumbo-jumbo. Why LOL? What would you talk about as an instructor?

A: We actually talked about that in class yesterday. It depends on the instructor if he/she wants to talk about that. A lot of teachers talk about being in the present and not worrying about the future.

I would talk about being in the moment. You’re being in the moment that you’re in- enjoying coffee with a friend or something- and you’re happy with it. It’s so easy to say it, but when you think about it it’s so true. I was in the car the other day just stressing out about this class I had to teach that Monday and I was so nervous. I just took a breath, thinking about driving in my car and saying to myself “You’re okay right now.” For me, that’s the major theme in yoga. Once you are in that space, you block out that outside noise the world creates and just be in the moment.

Q: What do you see your future to be like as a yoga instructor?

A: Fun! It’s just a way to connect with a lot of people. I love to teach people, but I have trouble doing things by myself. Like for example, I can’t go grocery shopping without my sister LOL. Which is why I’m glad to continue being in this group of people and being able to express myself with other people. 

There is this yoga concept “The highest me honors the highest you” that includes a bow. A lot of people think we’re being religious whenever we practice it, but it’s just a sign of honor. Long ago when yoga was first born, there was no physical aspect to it. You would literally sit for hours, trying to connect with the divinity- the idea that every single one of us has this part, which I will call the “flame”. We are all connected with this divinity/universe, where a part of it lives inside that “flame”, and that “flame” is inside you.

As a yoga instructor, I want to connect with each students’ flame.


The end! 

I want to thank Bree for taking the time for this interview and if you want to learn more about her, visit her Youtube channel here!


Photo of Strength: You are beautiful no matter what anyone else says…

Location: Crystal Cove Beach | Model: Bri Lien

My friend (won’t say who) is an aspiring Instagram model that told me about one of her horrible modeling experiences. Long story short, the agent invited her to a modeling gig but when she arrived, that agent said that it was a “mistake” – he thought she was a different model.

I never told her this (because I thought it would make me seem like a wierdo) but I commend her for retaining her composure and not screaming at the guy’s face. I look at the situation like this…

It’s very insulting to see a person that does not value another individual’s time. Those hours driving up to LA and waiting for a potential-but-ended-up-not-happening gig are precious hours that could have been spent talking to other agents and getting a jumpstart in a career. I get it that designers/agents think of their models as mantels for their art pieces, but these are humans with feelings.

Let me know if I’m wrong, but the modeling industry places crazy-strict beauty standards on women and men that make it so hard for these women and men to accept who they are and the flaws that they have. Who tf sets up these standards anyways?

Did someone research and find that the girls in a certain height range sell more clothes than girls who are say, 5’0 like me? What about guys who are shorter than 5’6?

Did someone take a poll and find that boys and girls who are plus size / curvy aren’t as sexy as boys and girls who are petite/ skinny?

Who is supposed to be there to judge and to define beauty?



I’m not here to bash the entire fashion industry of course, but mistreatment of models in order to sell a product is not the way to go.

Please give me your comments below, but what changes (if any) would you recommend the modeling industry should have? Do you think those changes are obtainable?