Hi, How Ya Doin :)

Hi, How Ya Doin:)

It’s been a while but I hope you’re doing well. There have been a lot of things happening on my end just the past year; a lot of growth but also some losses.

Throughout this journey of adulthood, I realized that no matter how much you love someone they have the choice to leave your side- and there won’t be anything you can do about it except to accept the way things are and carry on. All you have is yourself.

I’ve been experiencing that a lot with the friendships I made this past year- and let me tell you first Boys are Stupid! Gosh, you really can’t keep a genuine friendship with someone without them getting butt hurt that you don’t want any relationship. I’m not complaining, but ya know #firstworldproblems.

Anyways before I start ranting, my point in coming back onto this blog was to really emphasize the importance of self love. I feel like I tried to implement self love last year but it turned into a mess because apparently boys wanted me to feel guilty about doing my own thing (sorry, promise last time ranting).

Alas, I’m going to recreate 2019 and make it the year to re-establish not only myself, but to help other people really find who they are as an individual – not who they are with their friends, not who they are with their family, not who they are with their significant other.

Who are you?

Are you comfortable looking in the mirror at your stripped down, most vulnerable self?

I’m in the process of writing a book about the definition of love, and it’s not the facade that media has painted and has made us fixated on a very superficial meaning of love. If you’re interested (my small amount of followers that I love so much LOL), please message me to be part of the book – it’ll be just a couple interview questions that I think are important to discuss.

Well good night – I’m signing off and hopefully I’ll be back on again soon with another life update 🙂

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First Day at SDSU

So my first day at SDSU, to say the least, left me sleepless LOL

Idk why but I just couldn’t fathom that I was still at this school, it feels so unreal. My roommates (so far) are the sweetest and we all have similar habits. We like wake up and gym at the same time, but they’re quiet (which is nice).

The campus is gorgeous! I live in the farthest apartments and the walk to campus is a trek, but the amazing view makes the walk almost tolerable.

I’m still trying to figure out about the whole sorority thing, and so far I talked about joining one of the sororities with my roommate, but no commitments yet!

Ugh college is cool and I guess I’m excited for when class actually start!


Mothers, Daughters, and Sisters Unite as Women

Amazing Group of Women!
Amazing Group of Women!

A couple week ago, I was given the opportunity to photograph a Bodypump session at this Nike Event.

Why was this event an opportunity?

To be honest, when I got the call that I could be the photographer for the event, I was so excited because I wanted to meet new people and to get more material for my blog LOL. However, it became so much more than that when I started to get to know the girls better.

As women it’s important that we empower each other, to always support one another when any of us fall, and to push through whatever bull crap haters give us. Nowadays there is so much competition amongst women based on menial things such as beauty, wealth, popularity, etc. We have forgotten that connection that relates mother to daughter, mother to wife, and mother to sister. None of us were born without a mother, which makes women so fricken awesome!

Anyways, this Nike Event introduced me to a group of women who not only supported each other but also tested each other in order to reach full potential. Kisha, who is an instructor I have had the privilege to work with, is always so full of energy and spirit! Watching her bring a group of women together who have never met each other before and help them form a bond is truly amazing. She keeps girls motivated to actually want to do something as crazy as “working out” and “getting fit!” She has inspired me to try and help young girls by encouraging them to not take themselves for granted and truly love who they are.

“You are pretty and you are worth it!”

There are many ways that women and girls can come together and connect (Kisha’s was just one that I thought was really fun!). Comment down below and tell me what you would do to get women and girls to network and support each other 🙂

Thanks you!

Second Response Post: “I love my girlfriend, but my god. She always talks about her ex…” “I know my boyfriend loves me but I also know he’s attracted to other girls and finds them prettier than me…”

Ok the second time around, I got a bunch of weird questions and I think people are trying to mess with me or something LOL but I also got legit questions. Here are the two best questions I received 🙂

Male 2: “I love my girlfriend, but my god. She always talks about her ex. Even though it’s in a negative light and I understand that she’s just telling me her fears for our relationship and why she is the way she is (I appreciate that she confides in me and I’m happy to try and help/reassure her), she’s beyond hung up of him. She talks about him for hours and hours and while I usually don’t mind, I’m starting to become a little resentful. Thanks for any advice if you have it!”

Dana: I think the relationship that she had with her ex is probably different from your relationship with her, so I think you should just reassure her that you will look out for her and that you have her back. It’s a good thing that she trusts you so much with her emotions and stuff, but if it ends up being she talks about her past relationship so much that it gets in the way of what you have with her right now, you should definitely talk to her about it. I think that would help her too, it’ll make her start to see that she needs to enjoy more of her time with who she has now and not get caught up in what happened to her in the past. It takes time of course if her past relationship was super bad, but baby steps baby steps.

James: You should tell her how it makes you feel when she always talks about him. She probably doesn’t notice that it bothers you when she talks about it. She can’t fully enjoy your relationship if her mind is in the past thinking about him.  She also can’t read your mind, you need to bring it up in a way that is non confrontational and be honest about your feelings. Everyone’s had bad relationships in the past, but always thinking about them prevents us from enjoying the one’s we currently have. Hope this helped and good luck!

Female 2: “I know my boyfriend loves me but I also know he’s attracted to other girls and finds them prettier than me. I know that at the end of the day I’m still the girl he wants to be with but how am I supposed to ignore his attraction to other girls? Should it bother me this much?”

Dana: My question to you is how do you know that he finds other girls attractive and did he tell you straightforward that these other girls are prettier than you? For me, I hope he didn’t flat out say that other girls are prettier because I don’t think that’s really respectful. I mean, he doesn’t have to give you complements like you’re the prettiest girl in the whole wide world and stuff, but he should at least respect you and keep his mouth shut about his opinion of other girls, because that would make you jealous of course. Besides that, I mean if you just feel like he is attracted to other girls than maybe ask him about it. If he’s with you, you should feel comfortable asking and talking it over. Relationships are all about trust, it shouldn’t really matter if he finds other girls attractive as long as he is faithful to you, respects you, and truly loves you the most. Just trust and faith is key. I hope this helps 🙂

James: You should talk to him about it, don’t start off super confrontational, because that will make him get defensive. Also don’t confuse thinking someone’s hot as actually meaning anything all the time. I think Mila Kunis is hot but Dana’s not going to get mad and yell at me for that (side note: everyone thinks she’s hot). If you know he loves you then you shouldn’t be too worried but you should confront him over this and talk it out. It’s normal to feel bothered that your significant other is attracted to other people but you need to think of it in context. If it’s checking out random girls in yoga pants who walk by that mean nothing, that’s pretty common.

Once again, thanks for submitting your questions!

Words Left Unsaid

It’s never easy to be over a break-up so easily, because things would never be the same. You see this person in a different light and it’s as if you don’t know this person anymore. When you see him walk by and your heart tells you to go after him and ask a simple question such as “how are you doing?” but you know that it’s against what your pride and dignity tells you, so you just pretend to not see him.  It’s hard to get used to life without someone you’ve been with for so long; it may seem as if something is missing from your life. You tell yourself that you won’t let the breakup go to your head, that  you won’t make it such a big deal and that you can get over it, but people overestimate themselves.

Colbie Caillat’s song “I Never Told You” talks about all of the things that are left unsaid before a break-up. Things always get bottled up inside our thoughts and we never have the audacity to say them because we’re scared. We’re not really sure why we’re scared either, but sometimes when we actually want to say what we’re feeling and how much we love that person, it’s too late. They have left your grasp and you can’t hold onto them like you used to anymore. Then you start to realize all of the little things you loved about that person. Like seeing them every morning when they wake up next to you, seeing their smile and seeing their eyes looking at you with their most delicate gaze. This song is so beautiful and Colbie Caillat is gorgeous as well, so I really like this song.

This song makes me look back and imagine myself with my relationship. What if I had to do it all over again? What if that day, he didn’t decide to break up with me? When we broke up I thought to myself that I’ll miss seeing his smile the most, and it hurt to know that if he did smile it wouldn’t be because of me. I thought about his cologne and the warmth that he gave me whenever he would hold my hand or put his arms around me. That it would have been great if I could hold his hand one day and tell him one last time that I loved him, just one day.  However, that was the past and things always get better. Now that I’m back with him though it seems as if things have gotten even better. I guess it takes some time to be without someone to really know how much they’re worth🙊. I don’t want this to be a depressing post, but in the end relationships are always up and down and everything always gets better because that’s life. So carry on with your amazing lives and enjoy the rest of your day thanks:)